Frequently Asked Questions
How should art be prepared?
Save the file as a JPG at 100 DPI at full size (or the equivilent) so if it is at half size, 200 DPI. The JPG format will reduce the file size and avoid any font conflicts. Do not include crop & bleed, we'll take care of that.
Will I see a proof?
No - not unless we make changes at your request or we are providing our design services. We normally print just what you send us. Sending the same file back and forth just adds time delay and cost unnecessarily.
Are they difficult to assemble?
There are no moving part to break and i takes less than a minute. The 4 flexible wands act like springs - one end goes into a hub, the other hooks one of the corners of the graphic - simple. CLICK HERE to see the instruction sheet.
How long does production take?
After we have both final art and the order in place, production normally takes one business day to leave our New Jersey Facility. Quantity orders may incur lead time, please inquire when ordering.
Is there a Warranty?
Frames are warrantied against defects in material and workmanship for 1 year.